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UN Session on the Commission on the Status of Women: Current Challenges in Combating Human Trafficking

Updated 3.16.15

NYATN will present parallel event, “Current Challenges in Combating Human Trafficking 20 Years After the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action,” at the United Nations 59th Session on the Commission on the Status of Women. Twenty years after the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, human trafficking continues to be pervasive around the world. Women and girls, in particular, are vulnerable to human trafficking in a variety of sectors, and they experience coercion, abuse, and a climate of fear in their work. This panel will feature discussion by anti-trafficking experts as they examine the challenges in implementation of human rights-based, long-term actions by governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Particular attention will be paid to current anti-trafficking strategies in the U.S., including around prostitution and commercial sex, from a human rights perspective. Speakers:

  • MARY CAPARAS, New York Asian Women’s Center
  • KATE MOGULESCU, Legal Aid Society
  • KATE SHEILL, Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
  • IVY SURIYOPAS, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

March 14, 2015 at 12:30 pm Church Center, 777 UN Plaza, 8th Fl., Boss Room Space is limited.  Please RSVP to register. Cosponsors with NYATN include: Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, City Bar Justice Center, Legal Aid Society, New York Asian Women’s Center, The Seltzer Firm, and Sex Workers Project at Urban Justice Center Previous CSW Parallel Events include:


Suzanne Seltzer and Juhu Thukral’s “Human Rights and the Fight Against Human Trafficking”

In honor of Human Rights Day on December 10, NYATN steering members Suzanne Seltzer and Juhu Thukral have written, “Human Rights and the Fight Against Human Trafficking,” for The Huffington Post.  They write, in part, “Unfortunately, a well-meaning but misguided trend in anti-trafficking efforts hasn’t proven to help, but it has the potential to backfire and harm countless victims, survivors, and bystanders: Using sex offender registries as an anti-trafficking tool. Sex offender registries have their place in law enforcement, but human rights advocates and policymakers have been warning that over-use has been dangerous, both because they rarely protect potential victims, and they overload law enforcement agencies.”  Read more….

NYATN Hosts Convening to Discuss Common Sense Solutions

New York Anti-Trafficking NetworkNew York Anti-Trafficking Network

New York Anti-Trafficking NetworkOn November 7th, NYATN hosted a convening on trafficking, focused on human rights approaches, long-term prevention, and common sense solutions in anti-trafficking campaigns.  The group included leaders, advocates, academics, and journalists in the anti-trafficking, anti-domestic violence, civil liberties, workers’ rights, sex workers’ rights, women’s rights, and human rights fields.  The group developed new ideas on solutions and narratives to apply in anti-trafficking work.

3rd Annual NYATN/Race-Talk Commemoration of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

*Update: Race-Talk has unfortunately closed its doors.  See below for alternative links.

Race-Talk honors National Human Trafficking Awareness Day with a series of blog contributions from members of the New York Anti-Trafficking Network and others guest-edited by Juhu Thukral for the third consecutive year.

Previous Race-Talk blog contributions include:

NYATN Member Asks: “Are New Policies Really About Human Trafficking?”

NYATN Steering Member Suzanne Seltzer’s piece, “Are New Policies Really About Human Trafficking?” in honor of Human Rights Day on Race-Talk, examines misguided policies such as California’s Proposition 35 which purport to be anti-trafficking legislation but actually may be harmful to many of those who are are trafficked.  Read more here.

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