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NYATN’s Suzanne Tomatore quoted in “Labor Trafficking Persists Amid Outrage Over Sex Trade”

NYATN steering member Suzanne Tomatore is quoted in City Limits’Labor Trafficking Persists Amid Outrage Over Sex Trade.”  Tomatore says, in part: “[Human trafficking survivors] have a sense that a crime was committed against them and that they’ve been deceived, manipulated and abused. They come to us for other reasons such as domestic violence or they’re trying to get help with immigration status. In talking to them, we identify initial trafficking to the United States. Sometimes our claimants have been in the United States for many years and were trafficked later.”  A report from Tomatore’s agency, the City Bar Justice Center’s Immigrant Women and Children Project, shows: “Out of the 150 human trafficking cases, 54.6 percent involved labor trafficking and 45.3 percent involved sex trafficking. Domestic work was the most frequently reported form of labor trafficking, representing nearly 80 percent of the cases.”  Read more….


NYATN Members Participate in Freedom Network (USA)’s Inaugural Member Report

NYATN members participated in the Freedom Network (USA)’s inaugural Member Report.  NYATN members include the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, City Bar Justice Center’s Immigrant Women and Children Project, Florrie Burke, Safe Horizon, and Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project.  Among the primary findings is that of the more than 2000 trafficking survivors served, 73 percent were trafficked for labor throughout the United States.  Read more….

NYATN members Lanning & Sussman and Vandenberg on CNN’s ac360 on U.S. v. Khobragade

NYATN members Avaloy Lanning and Dana Sussman at Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program joined Martina Vandenberg on CNN’s ac360 on a segment called, “Uproar Surrounds Indian Diplomat’s Arrest.”  They describe how the case, United States v. Khobragade, is more than merely a labor dispute.  This case is one of many cases involving allegations of domestic worker complaints against their diplomat and consular employers.  See also the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s statement about the case, United States v. Khobragade.

Updates: Safe Horizon’s Dana Sussman also appeared on Good Morning America this morning on a segment called, “India Demands that U.S. Drop Case Against Diplomat.”  She stated in part that the domestic worker “worked more or less around the clock.”  See more.

The New York Times did a piece, “Fury in India over Diplomat’s Arrest in New York,” and quoted Sussman as saying, “My client is frustrated with how the media has portrayed this story and the response from the Indian government.”  Read more.

She interviewed with CBS News in a piece, “Kerry Expresses Regret over Strip Search of Arrested Indian Diplomat.”  Sussman says: “The victim in this case is not a criminal defendant but the person who was denied her wages and underpaid for her work.”  Read more.  And Sussman also appeared on CBS This Morning on December 20th in a segment called, “Protests in India Grow over U.S. Treatment of Diplomat,” saying that the domestic worker “left with essentially the clothes on her back.”  See more.

Sussman told the AP, as reported in the Washington Post piece, “Worker Abuse by Diplomats a Problem, Advocates Say,” of the prevalence of exploitation and abuse of domestic workers by diplomats.  She says, “We’ve seen it across the board, we’ve seen with country missions to the U.N., we’ve seen it with consular officials, diplomats of all levels.”  Read more.

Sussman, Vandenberg, and Ivy Suriyopas reported on the frequency of exploitation of domestic workers in diplomat and consular households in the New York Times‘s piece, “Claim Against Indian Diplomat Has Echoes of Previous Cases.”  Vandenberg says, ““These cases are the tip of the iceberg.”  Read more.

NYATN member Avaloy Lanning was quoted in The American Prospect’s “The Hidden Indentured Class”

NYATN member Avaloy Lanning was quoted in The American Prospect‘s “The Hidden Indentured Class.”  The article states, in part: “[T]he disproportionate focus on sex trafficking detracts resources from labor-trafficking victims—and takes a direct emotional toll, as well. ‘If you have someone who is being trafficked, and they hear or see a story about human trafficking and all that story talks about is sex,’ says Avaloy Lanning, anti-trafficking program director at the New York-based nonprofit Safe Horizon.”  The piece goes on to state: “Avaloy Lanning of Safe Horizon says that’s the common denominator for all trafficking victims, whether they were doing sex work or housekeeping: being wholly controlled by another person is the most difficult part.”  Read more….

NYATN to speak at NYU Law’s Freedom Week

NYATN members Ivy Suriyopas and Tauno Biltsted at Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Safe Horizon will speak on a Freedom Week panel, “Breaking the Invisible Shackles: How to Attack Human Trafficking,” on October 9 from 6 to 8 pm at Tishman Auditorium in Vanderbilt Hall at NYU Law School.

The fight against trafficking requires a vast network of people with a variety of skills, from prosecutors punishing traffickers to legislators writing laws to protect victims and advocates working to prevent future exploitation. At this panel, we will have the opportunity to hear from lawyers, FBI agents, policy advocates, social workers, and entrepreneurs.  Come learn about the many roles that people play, how their worldviews impact their work, and find out where you fit in.

NYATN Members to Speak on Panel: “What Can I Do?” How One Person’s Commitment Can Combat Sex Trafficking

“This panel of highly motivated individuals who have answered the call to action by advocates and victims worldwide and have taken matters into their own hands to make a difference in this field leveraging the resources and skills they have. The panelists will discuss a variety of approaches using art, community organizing, and social networks to raise awareness and build critical mass.”  Panelists include NYATN members, including Safe Horizon Anti-Trafficking Program’s Avaloy Lanning.  Roadkill director Cora Bissett is also on the panel.

“What Can I Do?” How One Person’s Commitment Can Combat Sex Trafficking

Grand Hall at the Kimmel Center (NYU)

June 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM

NYATN to speak about trafficking of Asian women in Queens on May Day

Update: Photos of the event…. and news coverage…..

NYATN members Ivy Suriyopas, director of AALDEF‘s Anti-Trafficking Initiative, Lynly Egyes, staff attorney at the Sex Workers Project at Urban Justice Center, and Tauno Bilstead, intensive case manager at Safe Horizon‘s Anti-Trafficking Program, will speak at a forum on trafficking of Asian women in Queens on May Day.  For additional details….

Forum on Trafficking of Asian Women

Queens Pride House

May 1, 7-9 pm

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