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Urban Justice Center’s Petition on the “No Condoms as Evidence Bill”

Urban Justice Center created a petition in support of New York’s “No Condoms as Evidence Bill:”

Over 27,000 people already sent letters to the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg asking him  to tell police forces to stop considering condoms as evidence of intent to commit any crime and by making public statements declaring that no one should be afraid to practice safe sex in their city.

“Now, a bill in the state legislature would make it illegal to use condoms as evidence of intent to commit the crime of prostitution.”

Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project, the New York Anti-Trafficking Network, and others have been advocating in support of the No Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution bill (S323/A1008).  The bill passed the Codes Committee and is now on the floorShow your support: Please vote YES on Assembly Bill A1008/Senate Bill S323.

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