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NYATN members represent human trafficking survivors, facilitating reunification, while feds arraign perpetrators

NYATN members represent some of the survivors of another human trafficking case that originated from Tenancingo, Mexico.  The perpetrators, extradited to Brooklyn to face federal charges, are “members of familial clans in Tenancingo that prey on girls in their early teens with false promises of romance and a better life in the U.S. only to enslave them in the world’s oldest profession.” The defendant perpetrators “recruited three victims in Mexico when they were just 14 and 15 years old.”

NYATN helped facilitate the reunification of a survivor and her child, in a stirring chapter of the federal criminal case United States v. Carreto.  NYATN member Sienna Baskin stated, “this ‘an example of people going above and beyond and being creative and thinking outside the box in order to make this happen. Now we need the lessons we learned in this case to be institutionalized.'”

According to reports, “The arrest of the Perez brothers brings to 52 the number of suspects indicted in Brooklyn on sex trafficking counts in the last decade.”  Read more here.

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