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NYATN Case in Which Diplomat Ordered to Pay Restitution to Domestic Worker in Amount of $24,153

NYATN members provided legal representation to a former domestic worker of a diplomat who worked more than 70 hours a week but was merely paid $1,000 per month.  Republic of Mauritius ambassador Somduth Soborun was fined $5,000 and ordered to pay full restitution to the domestic worker he trafficked in the amount of $24,153.  According to the press release from the FBI, Soborun pled guilty to one count of failing to pay the minimum wage rate.  Read more here.


Advocating for the rights of domestic workers trafficked and exploited by diplomats

The City Bar Justice Center’s Suzanne Tomatore and Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s Ivy Suriyopas have been advocating for the rights of domestic workers who have been trafficked and exploited by diplomats.  The New York Daily News wrote in part:

“Suzanne Tomatore of the City Bar Justice Center said she has represented a dozen diplomat trafficking victims since 2002.”

“After Damayan helped maid Marichu Baoanan escape in 2006, she successfully sued her ambassador employer. Baoanan, a Filipina who says she was ‘enslaved’ in an E. 66th St. townhouse by United Nations ambassador Lauro Baja, got an undisclosed settlement in 2011.

“‘She said that she felt like she was in prison,’ said Ivy Suriyopas, of the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.”

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Quarterly Meeting

New York Anti-Trafficking Network Quarterly Meeting

When: June 17, 2010, 10-am-12pm

Where: City Bar Justice Center, 42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036


Invited Guest Speaker:

Noy Thrupkaew, Fellow, Open Society Institute

Noy Thrupkaew is a freelance writer based in New York City who writes on international affairs and culture. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, The Nation, and The American Prospect, where she is a Senior Correspondent. She previously worked as an Associate Editor of Sojouner: The Women’s Forum and has received Fulbright and International Reporting Project grants to conduct research in Thailand and Cambodia. She is currently a fellow at the Open Society Institute, researching trafficking for the purposes of labor and forced prostitution.

NY Anti-Trafficking Network members will also discuss our latest work

Suzanne Tomatore, City Bar Justice Center will discuss the successful lobby to the NYPD to provide U visa certifications and her recent trip to Mongolia

Ivy Suriyopas, AALDEF will discuss her important work on an Amicus Brief arguing for the rights of trafficked domestic workers to file civil suits against their diplomat traffickers

Sienna Baskin, Sex Workers Project will provide updates to bills before the New York State legislature impacting human trafficking survivors

Swarna v. Al-Awadi Amicus Brief

NYATN Supports an Abused Domestic Worker in her Suit Against a Former Diplomat

The New York Anti-Trafficking Network signed on to an Amicus Brief with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, ACLU Foundation Women’s Rights Project, and 10 others in support of Ms. Vishranthamma Swarna in her law suit, Swarna v. Al-Awadi et al., in February 2010.  Ms. Swarna was the former domestic worker of Badar Al-Awadi, a Kuwaiti diplomat, and his wife; her claims include charges of abuse and employment violations against the couple as well as the state of Kuwait.

NYATN in the News

Diplomatic Immunity at Issue in Domestic-Worker Abuse Cases,” By Sarah Fitzpatrick, The Washington Post, 9.20.09

“Baoanan’s attorney, Ivy Suriyopas, called the ruling ‘an important shift’ in cases involving diplomatic immunity. ”

“‘Unfortunately, cases involving diplomatic employers represent a disproportionate amount of the domestic-worker abuse cases we see,’ said Suzanne Tomatore, director of the Immigrant Women and Children Project at the New York City Bar Justice Center. ”


Former UN Diplomat Denied Immunity in Labor Lawsuit

Former UN Diplomat Denied Immunity in Labor Lawsuit

AALDEF has succeeded in getting a federal judge to withhold diplomatic immunity so that a survivor of trafficking and former domestic employee can pursue a civil suit against her UN ambassador employer.  Click Here to read “Former UN Diplomat Denied Immunity in Labor Lawsuit”

NYATN Addresses the Legal Issues of Bringing Diplomat Employers to Court for Violating Laws Against Human Trafficking

Ivy O. Suriyopas

Ivy O. Suriyopas, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

ABC News’ 20/20 featured NYATN member Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund‘s case, Baoanan v. Baja,in a segment called “Diplomats Abusing Domestic Help?”  There, staff attorney Ivy Suriyopas addressed the legal issues in bringing a lawsuit against diplomat employers for violating federal anti-trafficking statutes and other laws.  Watch the video….

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