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NYATN Advocates for a Human Rights-Based Approach for the Next Ambassador for the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Office

NYATN submitted a letter in support of the appointment of a sophisticated anti-trafficking advocate who supports a human rights-based and comprehensive approach as the next Ambassador-at-Large for the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP Office).  A response to trafficking in persons that is rooted in human rights respect the dignity and self-determination of the person who is thought to be a victim.  This means creating an environment where the person at risk is able to make his or her own decisions about the steps he or she needs to take in addressing the situation.  It also means doing the due diligence to investigate whether a situation actually involves coercion and trafficking, or not.  It is crucial that the J/TIP Office embodies our shared values of dignity, fairness, and opportunity that are central in a just society and for empowering people.

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