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NYATN Members Participate in Freedom Network (USA)’s Inaugural Member Report

NYATN members participated in the Freedom Network (USA)’s inaugural Member Report.  NYATN members include the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, City Bar Justice Center’s Immigrant Women and Children Project, Florrie Burke, Safe Horizon, and Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project.  Among the primary findings is that of the more than 2000 trafficking survivors served, 73 percent were trafficked for labor throughout the United States.  Read more….


Report Release – #OurFairCity: A Comprehensive Blueprint for Gender & Sexual Justice in New York City

The Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School announced the release of its report, Our Fair City: A Comprehensive Blueprint for Gender & Sexual Justice in New York City, which includes contributions from NYATN.  Among the report’s recommendations are

  • Prohibit NYPD Practice of Using Condoms as Evidence for Prostitution-Related Offenses,
  • End Collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Deportation and Detention, and
  • Facilitate Access to Services for Trafficking Survivors.

Please use @NYATN and #OurFairCity to post or tweet about this report.  Read more….

NYATN opposes MSNBC’s program, Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims of Human Trafficking

NYATN signed on, with 23 anti-trafficking organizations including the Freedom Network (USA), to member Sex Workers Project’s letter opposing MSNBC’s program, Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims of Human Trafficking.  It states, in part: “While we respect your efforts to tackle a difficult and necessary subject, the tactics of Mr. Cohen and ‘Abolish Slavery’ mislead the public and threaten the rights and safety of sex workers and survivors of human trafficking.”  Read more….

City Bar Justice Center Releases Special Report on 150 Human Trafficking Cases

NYATN member City Bar Justice Center’s Immigrant Women & Children Project (IWC) released a special report, “Spotlight on 150 Human Trafficking Cases.”  This report reflects over a decade of direct representation of low-income immigrant survivors of human trafficking in the New York City metropolitan area and informs the Justice Center’s advocacy and policy recommendations.  The report states, in part, “Of the 150 human trafficking cases, 54.6% involved labor trafficking and 45.3% involved sex trafficking. Domestic work was by far the most frequently reported form of labor trafficking, representing nearly 80% of the labor trafficking cases.”  Read more….

The New York Times published NYATN member Sex Workers Project’s Letter to the Editor

The New York Times published NYATN member Sex Workers Project’s Letter to the Editor in response to the article, “With Special Courts, State Aims to Steer Women Away From Sex Trade.”  Robin Richardson writes in part: “Not all those arrested for prostitution are victims of human trafficking. Individuals brought into these courts who do sex work by choice or because of difficult life circumstances, and people falsely profiled as sex workers because of their race, gender identity or arrest history, also deserve help and a zealous defense.”  Read more….

NYATN Member’s Piece, “Steps Forward – and Setbacks – for Sex Workers’ Rights”

NYATN steering member Juhu Thukral’s RH Reality Check piece, “Steps Forward – and Setbacks – for Sex Workers’ Rights,” examines New York Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act bill and the Supreme Court ruling on the anti-prostitution pledge that applied to global funding to combat HIV and AIDS.  She writes, in part: “As long as we do not examine our sexual attitudes and the policies that stem from a misunderstanding of our rights around sexual behavior and how to protect them, policymakers will continue to confuse sex work with trafficking and implement harmful policies on HIV without consequence for themselves.”  Read more….

New York City Bar has released its memorandum on the New York Women’s Equality Act

The New York City Bar has released its memorandum on the New York Women’s Equality Act (A.8070), including its analysis of “Part H – Strengthening Sex Trafficking Laws.”  The City Bar’s Committee on Sex and Law supports the greater emphasis on services for trafficked persons, the creation of an affirmative defense where the defendant’s participation was a result of having been a victim of sex trafficking, and the raising of the penalty for labor trafficking to a B felony.  The Committee also noted that Assembly Member Joseph Lentol’s bill, A.7474, creates a private right of action for trafficked persons to seek compensation as well as a right to counsel for trafficked persons seeking to vacate convictions from their criminal records.  Read more.

Read more about NYATN’s memorandum in support of A.M. Lentol’s bill, A.7474.  Please consider signing on.

Read more about NYATN’s memorandum and recommendations on how to make the Women’s Equality Act successful.

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