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Special Rapporteur on Trafficking Critiques U.S. Approach to Arrests

NYATN worked with the U.S. Human Rights Network and other anti-trafficking organizations, as well as sex workers rights groups, when the UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking came to the United States in December 2016 to take a look at how our governments address human trafficking. We join the USHRN in their statement commending the Special Rapporteur on her report and noting that she could can go even further in supporting the human rights of trafficked persons.

In the statement, NYATN notes: The NY Anti-Trafficking Network applauds the Special Rapporteur for recognizing that ‘criminalisation of prostitution also contribute(s) to vulnerabilities to human trafficking’ and recognizes the need for vacatur of criminal convictions. Arrest is never an appropriate way to try to help someone who may be a trafficking survivor, as it only further drives them into vulnerable situations, creates trauma and chaos in a person’s life, and adds an additional layer of complex legal consequences to their already complicated and difficult situation.”

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