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#TalkTraffic: The Approach to Social Services for Trafficking Survivors

This is the fifth video in our 10-part #TalkTraffic video series. See Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

It’s crucial for survivors of trafficking to work with trained social workers who can help them navigate different systems and opportunities that can support them in moving forward. This video delves into the kinds of services qualified social workers can provide trafficking survivors.

What You Need To Know

Qualified and trained social workers are a critical part of a trafficking survivor’s support team. Social workers can help survivors create the space they need to re-gain their own voice and make decisions about how they want to move forward with their lives.

  • Social workers are obligated to listen to what survivors want and meet them where they’re at, which is a key principle of social work.
  • For this reason, social workers should be qualified to provide services, and have the necessary training and expertise in this work. They should also be able to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services.
  • Qualified social workers offer a wide range of services: Access to public benefits; Job training and employment; Finding housing; Therapy; and Managing details of everyday life that may be different from a survivor’s home country, like learning how to take the subway or drive a car!
  • Social services need to be tailored to the different needs of different survivors: young people, immigrants, LGBTQ people, men, women, and people from a variety of cultures and who speak different languages.

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Production Credits — Producers: Juhu Thukral and Jeffrey Yamaguchi. Video Production/Filming/Editing: Jordan Timpy and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals (Read their write-up about working on this project). Music: Broke For Free.

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