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Introducing Our #TalkTraffic Video Series

We’re thrilled to officially announce our #TalkTraffic project — a 10-part video series we’re launching to bring about more awareness to the effort to end trafficking. In this first video, we introduce NYATN and explain our approach to the work that we do. Our featured experts — lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates — take on trafficking from different disciplines, and offer up a variety of insights on ways to engage and solve this urgent and important human rights issue.

What You Need To Know

Goals of anti-trafficking work include:

  • Supporting the dignity and self-determination of survivors.
  • Giving survivors the help they need to reclaim their voice and their lives.
  • Preventing and ending trafficking.

It takes a lot of different kinds of expertise and knowledge to give trafficking survivors the help they want and need:

  • Well-trained lawyers.
  • Social workers who really understand survivors’ needs.
  • Advocates and activists working from a human rights approach.
  • Collaboration, respect, and listening to survivors is key!

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Production Credits — Producers: Juhu Thukral and Jeffrey Yamaguchi. Video Production/Filming/Editing: Jordan Timpy and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals. Music: Broke For Free.

Hear from Jordan and Cassie of Agape Visuals about working with us, and about the adventures of their missional year.

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