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NYATN to speak at NYU Law’s Freedom Week

NYATN members Ivy Suriyopas and Tauno Biltsted at Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Safe Horizon will speak on a Freedom Week panel, “Breaking the Invisible Shackles: How to Attack Human Trafficking,” on October 9 from 6 to 8 pm at Tishman Auditorium in Vanderbilt Hall at NYU Law School.

The fight against trafficking requires a vast network of people with a variety of skills, from prosecutors punishing traffickers to legislators writing laws to protect victims and advocates working to prevent future exploitation. At this panel, we will have the opportunity to hear from lawyers, FBI agents, policy advocates, social workers, and entrepreneurs.  Come learn about the many roles that people play, how their worldviews impact their work, and find out where you fit in.

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