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The Village Voice quoted NYATN’s memorandum on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act bill

The Village Voice quoted NYATN’s memorandum on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act (WEA) bill in its piece, “New Yorkers Still Want the Women’s Equality Act.  But Will It Hurt Sex Workers?”  The piece posed the following questions:

“But now there’s a new concern from sex workers and their advocates: in trying to prevent human trafficking, would the WEA really just hurt prostitutes? And is the anti-trafficking provision why Assembly Republicans are suddenly so enthusiastic about the bill?”

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NYATN Member’s Piece, “Steps Forward – and Setbacks – for Sex Workers’ Rights”

NYATN steering member Juhu Thukral’s RH Reality Check piece, “Steps Forward – and Setbacks – for Sex Workers’ Rights,” examines New York Governor Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act bill and the Supreme Court ruling on the anti-prostitution pledge that applied to global funding to combat HIV and AIDS.  She writes, in part: “As long as we do not examine our sexual attitudes and the policies that stem from a misunderstanding of our rights around sexual behavior and how to protect them, policymakers will continue to confuse sex work with trafficking and implement harmful policies on HIV without consequence for themselves.”  Read more….

NYATN member comments on Operation Cross Country

NYATN member Sienna Baskin, co-director of the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center, responds in the U.S. News & World Report‘s piece, “Some Child Sex Trafficking Victims ‘Rescued’ by Recent FBI Sting Could End Up in Jail,” about Operation Cross Country, in which 105 young people in the sex trade were identified after a multi-city law enforcement action.  She says: “It seems like they’re treating the arrest of minors as an acceptable collateral consequence of this operation. But arrest is a very traumatic experience that can lead to abuses for both adults and minors.”  Read more….

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