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NYATN Members to Speak on Panel: “What Can I Do?” How One Person’s Commitment Can Combat Sex Trafficking

“This panel of highly motivated individuals who have answered the call to action by advocates and victims worldwide and have taken matters into their own hands to make a difference in this field leveraging the resources and skills they have. The panelists will discuss a variety of approaches using art, community organizing, and social networks to raise awareness and build critical mass.”  Panelists include NYATN members, including Safe Horizon Anti-Trafficking Program’s Avaloy Lanning.  Roadkill director Cora Bissett is also on the panel.

“What Can I Do?” How One Person’s Commitment Can Combat Sex Trafficking

Grand Hall at the Kimmel Center (NYU)

June 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM


Florrie Burke’s Op-Ed: Forced Into Prostitution — and Denied a Lifeline

NYATN member Florrie Burke’s op-ed, “Forced Into Prostitution — and Denied a Lifeline,” about S1379/A2736, the No Condoms As Evidence bill, appeared in today’s Huffington Post.  She says, in part, “This bill should prohibit prosecutors from using possession of condoms as evidence to support prostitution-related charges, including trafficking.”  She adds, “In reality, a condom may be the one protection a victim of trafficking has from a trafficker’s assault on her or his human rights, autonomy, and body.”  Read more.

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