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NYATN Member and Sex Workers Project Attorney Lynly Egyes in the News

NYATN member Lynly Egyes, attorney at the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center, is quoted in the Times Ledger‘s piece, “Panel Hears LGBT Options.” The article states in part: “Depending on their circumstances, LGBT immigrants can also apply for visas if they are victims of a crime, trafficked or have been abused by a parent and cannot return to their home country, Egyes said.”  Read more here.


NYATN Member Ivy Suriyopas will speak at Rutgers Law School Symposium on “Global Is Local: Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard”

The Human Trafficking Prevention and Prosecution Project presents the symposium Global Is Local: Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard. Panel topics include Sex Trafficking, Compulsory Labor, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Featured speakers include Wendi Adelson, Center for the Advancement of Human Rights at Florida State University and author of This Is Our Story. The Human Trafficking Project is a joint venture of Rutgers School of Law–Newark and Seton Hall Law School, with the generous support of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. The symposium will be on Friday, September 28, 8:30 am – 4:30 pmFull program and registration details.
Update: See some of the news coverage here and here.

NYATN Steering Member and AALDEF Staff Attorney Ivy Suriyopas in the News’s piece, “RI worker wins lawsuit against UAE officer,” addresses the default victory in Ballesteros v. Al-Ali, the civil suit that followed the criminal action, U.S. v. Al-Ali, of a domestic worker over her former employer, an Emirati colonel and former student in Rhode Island’s U.S. Naval War College.  The article quotes NYATN Steering Member and Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund staff attorney Suriyopas in part: “She is able to use the system to highlight egregious abuses and violations of her human rights in open court. That is an opportunity that is denied to many other workers who are similarly situated.”  Read more here.

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