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Melissa Ditmore and NYATN Steering Member Juhu Thukral Write “Accountability and the Use of Raids to Fight Trafficking” for Anti-Trafficking Review

The premiere issue of Anti-Trafficking Review features an article written by Melissa Ditmore and NYATN steering member Juhu Thukral entitled, “Accountability and the Use of Raids to Fight Trafficking.”  The Anti-Trafficking Review promotes a human rights-based approach to human trafficking. It explores trafficking in its broader context including gender analyses and intersections with labour and migrant rights.  This issue “explores how the ‘accountability vacuum’ affects the ability of migrants to realise their rights and entitlements; what this means for rights-based approaches to human trafficking; and the role that anti-trafficking organisations could play in promoting greater accountability.”  Read more….


The Atlantic Monthly prints NYATN steering committee member/AALDEF attorney’s comment

NYATN steering committee member Ivy Suriyopas, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund staff attorney, commented “An Economist Gets a Lunch” in response to The Atlantic Monthly‘s piece, “Six Rules for Dining Out.”  The comment says in part:

“Economic exploitation and human trafficking are not hard to find in low-wage industries where there is a high demand for cheap products and services, but instead are widespread and systemic, particularly in the restaurant industry.”  Read more….

NYATN Members Comments on Trafficking in Persons Report

In The Global Times‘s piece, “Despite good marks, human trafficking remains a problem in US,” NYATN steering committee member Crystal DeBoise, Sex Workers Project co-director, is quoted about how criminalizing sex work impacts trafficked persons.  The article says in part:

“Crystal DeBoise, co-director of the Sex Workers Project, said criminalizing sex work, which is punishable by incarceration in the US, spurs it to go underground, and argued that the more secret the location, the less access health workers and others will be able to help potential trafficking victims.”  Read more….

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) also issued a press release in response to the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report.  NYATN steering committee member Ivy Suriyopas, AALDEF staff attorney, stated, “Continued Presence and temporary visas are among our best tools in assisting trafficking survivors, and the consistently low numbers show that we are not making full use of them in our fight against trafficking.”  Read more….

Urban Justice Center’s Petition on the “No Condoms as Evidence Bill”

Urban Justice Center created a petition in support of New York’s “No Condoms as Evidence Bill:”

Over 27,000 people already sent letters to the NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg asking him  to tell police forces to stop considering condoms as evidence of intent to commit any crime and by making public statements declaring that no one should be afraid to practice safe sex in their city.

“Now, a bill in the state legislature would make it illegal to use condoms as evidence of intent to commit the crime of prostitution.”

Urban Justice Center’s Sex Workers Project, the New York Anti-Trafficking Network, and others have been advocating in support of the No Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution bill (S323/A1008).  The bill passed the Codes Committee and is now on the floorShow your support: Please vote YES on Assembly Bill A1008/Senate Bill S323.

NYATN Member Florrie Burke in the May/June 2012 Issue of Mother Jones

New York Anti-Trafficking Network steering committee member Florrie Burke discusses the adverse impact to human trafficking survivors when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) denied service providers the ability to provide, and refer them for, reproductive health services (such as contraception, abortion, and other gynecological services) in “Sex and the Vatican City, ” an article by Stephanie Mencimer in the May/June 2012 issue of Mother Jones available on newsstands now.  Ms. Burke also testified before Congress on this vital issue.  Read more….

Be a Conscientious Consumer

Here is a list of sites dedicated to evaluating products based on variety of factors, including whether their supply chains are free from human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, sweatshop labor, or other exploitative working conditions for their workers:

Please tweet us if you have more recommendations!

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