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AALDEF’s Ivy Suriyopas, NYATN member and Freedom Network Policy Co-Chair, will speak at the Combating Labor Trafficking Conference on May Day

*Update: NYATN and ISOA live-tweeted the event!  See the great turnout!  The Huffington Post‘s David Isenberg wrote about the conference in “A Morally Reprehensible Problem.”  He quoted the ISOA conference guide: “The problem is morally reprehensible but of such enormous complexity it cannot be solved by a single sector and must be addressed by stakeholders working in partnership from all sides — private, governmental, nongovernmental and humanitarians sectors; clients and employers [sic]”  View or download the conference presentations.

NYATN member Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s Ivy Suriyopas will speak at the Combating Labor Trafficking Conference in Washington, DC on May Day.  As the Freedom Network Policy Co-Chair, she will address the effectiveness of current laws in combating labor trafficking.

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