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Suzanne Tomatore in the News

The Smugglers’ Due,” By Alex Kotlowitz, The New York Times, 6.11.06

“Suzanne Tomatore, the lawyer for one of those girls, told me that until she met Chen, who had come to her for assistance renewing his work permit, and heard his story, she would have considered his situation smuggling. ‘It’s one of those things where you know something wrong happened,’ said Tomatore, who is the director of the Immigrant Women and Children Project at the New York City Bar Association. ‘The biggest factor is that a child doesn’t have the capacity to make that decision’ to emigrate. Tomatore said that, in fact, before she met Chen, a youngster who had a similar story approached her for help, and she went back and forth about how best to assist him. In the end, he was too terrified of the snakeheads — he was still paying off his debt — to fully cooperate and eventually drifted away. With his T-Visa, Chen would be eligible to become a permanent resident, the first step toward citizenship. “

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