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Suzanne Tomatore in the News

Oversexed,” By Debbie Nathan, The Nation, 8.11.05

“But that’s not what people who work with forced labor victims are finding. ‘Only one-third of my cases are about sex trafficking,’ says Suzanne Tomatore, an attorney who heads the Immigrant Women and Children Project of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Tomatore says that the “vast majority” of her clients were trafficked into domestic work, including immigrants brought to work for UN and consular officials. The typical employee ‘gets paid $50 a month or not at all. They’re working seventeen, eighteen hours a day, catering parties, washing laundry by hand even though there’s a washing machine. They’ve had their documents withheld and their phone calls monitored.’ It’s the same story in the Washington, DC, area, according to Layli Miller-Muro, director of the suburban Virginia-based women’s human rights group the Tahirih Justice Center–except that many traffickers there are World Bank employees. “

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